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A Girl Must Shop readers want to buy your products and we have plenty of ways for you to reach our shopping-savvy readers.

Text and banner ads
Custom-sized text and banner size ads can be placed virtually anywhere on the site including the left sidebar and in between entries starting at just $20/month. Just ping us and we’ll hook you right up! 

Preview ad types.

Newsletter ads and features
Custom and flexible ads and features can also be run in the A Girl Must Shop newsletter which is distributed to a large list of readers. Want in? You got it!

Entry features
Want to see your product featured in an entry on A Girl Must Shop? Here’s how to do it:

  1. Tell us about your product or send a sample (just contact us for our address) for us to try out. If we like it, you just may see your product in an entry.
  2. Apply for a sponsored entry, and if you fit the bill, we’ll sing your praises in your very own sponsored entry.

Please contact us with any additional advertising questions and we’ll have our people call your people.