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As girls, we must shop. It’s in our DNA, we’re sure of it! You do too, and that’s why we’re all here. A Girl Must Shop is a shopping blog devoted to serving the interests of hip, trendy gals who can appreciate the treasures that a shopping excursion can unearth, but don’t have the time to discover all the riches that exist!

We scour the great, vast Internet, read all the latest magazines, discover some unique shops, then check out all the sales and bring the best selections to you. With A Girl Must Shop, you’ll have the inside scoop on everything a girl could possibly want!

Who We Are

Megan Garnhum Capone, Founder

The mastermind behind A Girl Must Shop and recent bride Megan is a blog, design and marketing consultant and manages to single-handedly manage A Girl Must Shop in her free time. She is the ultimate shopper and is frequently complimented on her taste in clothes, handbags, and just about everything funky and cool. Megan appreciates the finer (read: expensive) things in life, but also loves to brag about the great deals she finds. Her style ranges from simple and classic, to wild and crazy, to cute and girly, depending on her mood. She’s also a major chocolate addict, loooooves martinis and silver jewelry, and has a weakness for Hello Kitty. Her favorite colors are red, yellow, lime green, and orange.

Athena Ortiz, Editor-in-Chief
A single woman on the go, Athena works in sales and marketing in Lowell MA.   Her passions include social media, marketing, networking and finding bargains!  The only thing she will ever pay full price for is makeup and skin care products.  Favorite brands are Clarins, Strivectin, Bare Escentuals, Ren and Cargo. Designer labels make the hunt for bargains even more exciting for this intrepid shopper.  Many trophy items are hanging in Athena’s closet including J Brand, Sanctuary, Poleici, Betsey Jonhson, Vince, Michael Kors and more. Other hobbies include cooking, baking ,working out (in bargain workout clothes of course!), running, hiking, reality tv, travel, pets and her beautiful neice and nephew.

Janet, Contributor

Janet, an up-and-coming photographer from the Boston area, satisfies her eclectic taste in food, fashion, and fun through her many travels! She spent a few years living outside of Tokyo, and over the years has also visited Okinawa, Sapporo, South Korea, Paris, England, Scotland, Mexico, Belize, and Jamaica, as well as many cities throughout the U.S. Perhaps her international flair explains why she usually seeks out products that are daringly different, or off the beaten path. She’ll try almost anything once! Case in point: Janet’s hairdresser recently put maroon streaks in her hair, not requested, but well-liked!


Cynthia CorralCynthia Corral, Contributor

Cynthia lives in San Jose, California with her two teenagers and various animals, all of which supply endless stories to entertain those that don’t have to live with them. She hates the mall but has rediscovered a shopping love through the internet and has even bought a car on eBay while avoiding a graduate paper she was supposed to be writing. She works part-time in the Hi-Tech industry while working on her Masters in Mass Communication and spending every waking free moment at the gym. So you could say she’s a little obsessive. Or a lot. She also writes for http://SanJose.MetBlogs.com and http://CQCentral.com.


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Blogger Disclosure and Editorial Policies

  • Freebies – Companies will occasionally send us products for us to review. If we like the product we’ll post it on our site and tell you why we like it. We’ll also tell you if we received the product for free. We often host contests where we give away these freebies to our readers.
  • Advertising – We sell advertising space in our sidebar, but we keep advertising separate from editorial content. We will not write editorial content on any company who has paid for advertising on our site.
  • Paying the Bills – In order maintain A Girl Must Shop, we generate a small amount of revenue from affiliate programs where we earn a small commission on visitor purchases.
  • Paid posts – Very occasionally we will accept payment in exchange for a blog post and we’ll disclose this information in the post, but we’ll only accept payment if we like the product and can write an honest review of the item. (We gotta to paid the bills, y’know?)
  • Editorial policy – All editorial content on A Girl Must Shop comes from our honest opinions. If we don’t like a product we don’t post about it. Our number one goal is to share products that we like and think you’ll enjoy, too.

Please contact us if you have any questions about our blogger disclosure and editorial policies.