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Good Friends Are Hard To Find

Everyone has a friend in their life that disappears and once they are gone, you realize exactly how much they meant to you. Recently, I let a dear friend disappear and it left a hole in my heart that just couldn’t be filled. The friend I am referring to is Green Tea Toxin Cleanser from Made From Earth. Our relationship began simply enough, when I received a sample to review about a year ago.  I was excited about this new friendship! My new friend was different from other friends of mine.  She was a a lot healthier, more natural and a very good influence on my skin.

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You see, I have combination skin, and my chin is constantly under attack.  I started cleansing morning and night with the Green Tea Cleanser and for the first time in my life, my chin cleared up!!! I couldn’t believe it, my new friend understood my skin!!!  Deep down, I knew that my skin was responding positively to the organic ingredients used in all Made From Earth products, but foolishly, I let the friendship wane. I trusted my skin to other cleansers, and it was a huge mistake.  Recently, I reached out to my old friend, and she graciously accepted my offer of friendship.  Today I received my Green Tea Cleanser in the mail and I am once again filled with joy!   Eager with anticipation, I rushed home from work with my friend at my side and immediately washed my face.   My skin felt as if my friend had been there all along.  Green Tea Cleanser is once again my BFF, and this time its for good!

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  • Raquel November 27, 2012, 11:35 pm

    I have combination skin too. I’ll have to check out this product. Thanks!

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